Tuesday, April 6, 2010

100% Organic KFC Grilled Chicken Fill Up Box

This is actually the meal that inspired me to create this blog. Back when KFC first started promoting their $5 Fill Up Boxes, I couldn't help but think, "No wonder Americans eat so much fast food, how can you resist when they give you so much for so cheap?" But later while shopping for organic chicken at my local grocery story, I noticed that although organic boneless skinless breast meat can cost as much as $8/lb, the pieces KFC uses (thighs and drumsticks) are closer to $3.50/lb. "Why, I bet I could create that whole meal out of only organic ingredients for less than $5!" And so, the seeds of your new favorite blog were planted!

Despite the promotional poster advertising the $5 boxes in the window of the store where I bought this meal, KFC doesn't seem to be running the deal any more, so I actually paid $7.07! Granted, the location I chose was directly across the street from the actual Gates of Hell (a.k.a. the New York State DMV in Herald Square) so I suppose they may feel justified in jacking up their prices.

To be honest, despite what I initially thought when I first saw the Fill Up Boxes advertised, I think this is a pretty paltry amount of food for $7.07, or even $5 for that matter. The chicken pieces are minuscule - tinier than even the smallest organic pieces I could find for my re-creation. With a Kentucky biscuit, green beans and Tropicana lemonade to round out the meal, I needed the ingredients pictured below, most of which I purchased at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. The chicken is from my local Key Food, but both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's stock similarly priced organic chicken thighs and drumsticks if you want to cut down on shopping stops.

I chose green beans as the side dish mostly because The Expert and I really love green beans, but also because KFC recently promoted a similar meal (with mashed potatoes instead of a biscuit) that cost $3.95 and had less than 395 calories. That deal is off now too and I can't guarantee that my meal has less than 395 calories, but  $3.95? Let's see how the financials break down:

Badda bam! The final cost is $3.88, suckas! And come on, THIS looks like a real home-cooked Southern meal:

But let's not forget the real question - does it taste any good?

The Expert's Verdict: "The chicken meat is more moist and less greasy than KFC's. KFC chicken is also kind of watery, if that makes sense. This has a better texture and is much more meaty. The skin is really crispy and well seasoned, better than their grilled chicken but not incredibly similar in taste. The green beans and biscuit are really similar, though. KFC's beans are mushier but I like them either way. The biscuit is practically identical but I like to eat them with a honey packet. Do they make organic honey?"

Resemblance to original meal: 7
Overall deliciousness 7.8

Click the pictures below for links to each recipe!

Grilled Chicken
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  1. i remember this meal and it was deeelicious!

  2. Well, I haven't tasted it, but this meal looks much better than the tiny game hen pieces of chicken in the KFC picture. Well done! : )