Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Recipe: Taco Bell Soft Tacos Supreme

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I have to say, I prefer crispy tacos, especially since I just found out that Taco Bell charges $0.20 to upgrade this meal to soft tacos! I don't know what could make them more expensive, but The Expert prefers soft and they're certainly easier to eat. If you like hard shells, feel free to substitute them in this recipe.

1 1/3 cup (200 g) Taco Bell beef
4 tortillas
1 cup shredded (80 g) cheddar cheese
4 tbsp. (80 g) diced tomato
4 tbsp. (40 g) shredded lettuce
4 tbsp. sour cream
4 tsp. hot sauce (optional)
Special equipment:

Serves two (two tacos each)
Cost per serving: $3.57


The hard part is over once you've made the ground beef! The only time consuming portion of this recipe is chopping the veggies and shredding the cheese.

Warm the four tortillas for 30 seconds on a plate in the microwave. Top each tortilla with 1/3 cup beef, 1/4 cup shredded cheese, and 1 tbsp. each diced tomato, shredded lettuce and sour cream. Add 1 tsp. hot sauce if desired.

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