Friday, April 16, 2010

Tomorrow's Lunch: Taco Salad Wrap

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There are tons of meals you could make with the leftover ingredients from the Taco Bell meal - quesadillas, more tacos, taco salad, etc. I like this taco salad wrap because I love taco salad and it's a great item to take on the go. Sure, you could call it a burrito...I like to think of it as a wrap because it has a good amount of lettuce and you can eat it cold, but really, isn't all American style Mexican food just similar combinations of ingredients with different names? It's delicious no matter what you call it! If you want to use up any leftover tortillas from the first meal, you could make mini versions of this recipe and pack several for lunch.

Ingredients on hand:
1/3 cup Taco Bell beef
3 tbsp. refried beans
1 heaping tbsp. cheese
3 tbsp. diced tomato
5 tbsp. (a handful) shredded lettuce
2 tbsp. sour cream
1 tsp. hot sauce or 1 tbsp. salsa
Special equipment:
Plastic wrap

Additional ingredients:
1 10 inch tortilla (I used Baja burrito size flour tortillas, $2.99 for 8 at Sunac Natural Market)

(Health note: If you're not using organic tortillas, definitely check out the label and make sure that partially hydrogenated oil isn't one of the ingredients. I saw it in a lot of brands, and even though each tortilla probably won't include enough of the stuff to constitute a whole gram of trans fat, there are plenty of brands that don't use it and I think they taste fresher anyway!)


Serves one.

Stretch out a length of plastic wrap about two feet long. Place the tortilla in the center of the plastic and layer on the ingredients in a horizontal line: beans, meat, cheese, tomato, lettuce, sour cream, hot sauce. I like to use hot sauce in wraps instead of salsa because it's less messy! I also used only Monterey Jack cheese since I had a good chunk of it leftover, but you could definitely use cheddar too.

Pretty easy so far, huh? The tough part is getting it to roll up neatly. Fold in the two shorter sides of the horizontal line of food you've created. Then, keeping everything nice and tight, first fold the longer side, then the back. With one hand holding the wrap together, fold the back half of the plastic wrap towards yourself and pinch it snugly over the wrap. Fold the two short sides in and tightly roll the whole thing towards yourself. Tada! That should definitely hold up until lunch time.


Considering how pricey the salad I made after the Wendy's meal was, I was surprised at how inexpensive this one turned out to be!

Beef and seasonings
Refried beans
Sour cream
Hot sauce
$0.75 (50 grams, organic)
$0.30 (60 grams, organic)
$0.44 (25 grams, organic)
$0.83 (60 grams, organic)
$0.31 (50 grams, organic)
$0.23 (2 tbsp, organic)
$0.13 (1 tsp, organic)
$0.37 (1 tortilla, non-organic)

That's definitely beats a $6.99 wrap from somewhere like Au Bon Pain, and you can't get taco salad there anyway!

Update: The Expert had this for lunch today and said it was the best leftovers lunch yet! He even microwaved it with no ill effects on the lettuce (I forgot to tell him it was a wrap instead of a burrito!)


  1. Oh my gosh Diana, your next fast food meal has to be the new KFC Double Down! It's SICK!!


  2. I'm seriously considering it! If I hadn't just done KFC I would do it for sure, but it might be too hard to resist!