Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nomi Network Cherry Mascarpone Brownies

I hadn't planned to post this recipe for the chocolate cherry mascarpone ganache brownies (yeah, you heard that right!) that I donated as a dessert to last night's Nomi Network cocktail event, but they were such a hit that I figure I have to! Warning: they're not fast food, but that doesn't mean they're any better for you! There is a LOT of butter in this recipe (especially when you're tripling it for a crowd!) But check out the final result:

Holla!!! I truly don't consider myself a much of a baker, but put enough butter, sugar, chocolate and cheese in ANYTHING and you're bound to have people bowing at your feet. They were almost 100% organic...I haven't been able to find organic mascarpone, but the Trader Joe's mascarpone that I used is made with non rBST (bovine growth hormone) milk, so close enough. Oh yeah, and the homemade vanilla extract I used was made with regular old vodka, but the vanilla beans were organic!

And just in case you might be thinking that these are a healthy snack because they're organic (as many people in a recent study did, go figure!) perhaps this picture of all the butter I used will make you think again! These are definitely a special treat, and I cut them into such small pieces because that amount is really all you can handle at once!

Mmm! You can find the recipe at Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn - they did a great job with the directions so I won't mess with perfection. My only modifications were that I added some chopped (defrosted) frozen whole cherries right before putting the batter in the pan (I used two bags for a triple batch, so maybe use a little less than one bag if you're making a single batch) and I used the double boiler method since I don't trust that much expensive organic chocolate in the microwave!

Speaking of which, I haven't done a cost breakdown for these, but watch out because they're probably the most expensive recipe I've done so far. But hey, Nomi Network is such a great cause, it was totally worth it! Check out their new line of bags handmade from sustainable materials by survivors of and women at risk for sex trafficking. All the proceeds go straight back to the women, and they've got some really cool stuff!

And lastly, a great big shout out to the only other love of my life besides The Expert, Trader Joe's. They donated about four buckets of fresh flowers to the event and there were so many that we got to send many of the volunteers home with a bouquet at the end of the night! Also a shout out to Endangered Species chocolate for donating a huge box of organic and fair trade chocolate to the raffle as well as smaller items for the gift bags. You're lookin' at the girl who went home with the raffle prize - that chocolate just might have to show up in a recipe sometime soon!

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